Friday, November 18, 2011


heres some STPM Computing workings@answers from past year papers 2010
its in .ptt format but you need to download from mediafire 1st
free and easy

the third file maybe corrupted

hav fun,... muhahaha
btw ~ ill be posting some programming tips on 2nd of December

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Ive been sooo buzy lately (the pass 2 months)
Havent got the time to update this blog...lucklu,this week has no school days,with that been said,i will be blogging for the whole week...if,but i will have time :)

~~my bro gave me a NDSi..and imma gonna use it well,like im using it now.. :)

till the next post,it is me
LivingNLoving it.. me out

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another month, another post.. ^_^ May

May come and go...

My interest

Its been a month since ive last posted here, was going to the last few weeks but...
blogger been unavailable every time ive tried ..LoL

~~My life... been UP been DOWN,been all around..never thought i tried something thet i never thought i tried before.. haha...So yea, life's been OK lately,busy but A OKaY.. (busy wit my hobbies and interest hehe ) if i take a look at my calendar in my mind now..Woah, no free time..always here and there,luckily im good at finding time for everyone i know one at a time ..hee :)

~~D hobbies... as of current hobbies are ..sitting in front of my Computer(s) ~I <3 my computer ~ , Taking pictures :) , Making music.. oh yea.. with these three combined.. take a look at my youtube channel ( )
moving on.. ive almost reach a new level of music recording and mixing.. it is all because of my new small mixer (XENYX502) TQ my bros for helping me get this mixer ^_^ . .
having said that, the pictures ive took lately was..not that good anymore,seems im losing my touch,any how im gonna regain it confident ..yea

~~Interest.. learning new things,really, i like it..especially if i can manipulate it.. ahha
see here,tomorrow im gonna learn how to play the me self new strings already :)
meeting new people.. ive met new people since ive last posted here.. glad to meet them all .. more to write..
heres some picture of the days im not blogging to look at..

L&L ~ Lionel & Larry ..1 fine day in Chem Lab

Our Team, Jrosyel,Lary n Lion_L ..1 fine day in Chem Lab

near out class.. far but still near. :)

My minecraft server

Im gonna miss my friends.. just the thought of it makes me sad..

Im still me.. LivingNLoving it.. oh yeah.. out

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its April...

Here are two little something from my April walk with my camera :)

its been so long since i last used Photoshop for full editing

Graffiti (Edited)

Please don't smoke for FUN (non-Edited)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

gud days,bad days,fun days,unforgettable days

Yesterday's yesterday was my birthday ..hehe
almost everyone i know remembered it..
maybe because of facebook..or..talking people..but hey.. i liked it..
im happy ^_^
~Im offcially 19 now..

Yesterday was a school day with no form 1,2,4 students..its was quite
good but no fun,but we were in the ICT half of the day..
that night,wow.. the opening act for sports day keningau division was WOW.. was fun3..
went to many places with many of my friends..
happy2...hehe...hoping i wont forget the moments..
i know i wont.. but still

so then.... ehem.. Pushing me awayyy... yea...
its me LnL.. ^_^

even the people who never frown will eventually break down..
gud days,bad days,fun days,unforgettable days, will hav nights n tomorrow....
another days.. GooD Night.. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

One follower make differents :)

This is what i should have putted here since ive started this blog..

Behold...Now i have a follower..i can make it happen :)
Thank You L³ for following ^_^

Once again,double today.. its LnL..Living N Lovingit


since its been sooo very long since ive last post anything..
heres a post..ahah

this is some of what ive learn for the pass few days :

~On a TiBook (or maybe any other computer) = Line-in is not a Microphone Jack
~No two person are the same..maybe some are more than 80% percent same but still, there are not the same
~You can get head ache from eating too much.. LoL
~When you feel a "De Ja Vu" ....emm,havent figured this out yet
~There are signs of The End Of Days.. but,im still holding on to my prophecy
~Time Travel have something (everything) to do with Einstein's Theory of Relativity
~"If its heavy,its good/expensive"...WRONG, not all things are like that..
~Its so hard to stop.. now i dont know why i wrote this
~I've lost my powers...hoping they would come back when im 19. :)

Lastly.. more post coming soon..

Its me..LnL.. Living N Lovingit ^^

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It arrive..

yay :)

my TiBook n E70 Body+BoX :)

happy2..but i miss someone.. huhu..
its exam week,but im not in any exam mood..
no mood to study as they say..hehe..

oh well..

thats all for today :)
Its me LnL wit my TiBook ^^

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is not the End..This in not the Beginning..
Waiting for the end to come...wishing i had strength to stand...................

Listening to that song reminds me of 2010..
Haunted House, Last day of school, Bintang Sementa..
The day after....owh the memories.. ^_^

Its MARCH..Hapy March~ing month.. haha
"Waiting for the end"
im waiting for something..
as of now, im waiting for 2 items..hehe
waiting for the exams to start n end..
waiting for the school break (1 week) yea but noo..
waiting for THAT DAY... which i dont really know 5W1H..
waiting for when i turn 19.. haha ..almost


Its good to wait for something (as they say)
because you have something to look forward to each and every day till that moment comes...
"This is not what i had planned,its out of my control"
as the lyric goes.. thats how i like it,because an unplanned event have a certain kick to it :)

ill be waiting as im living n loving it :)
Its Me LnL...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Give me reason...

♪♫ give me reason,to prove me wrong,to wash this memory clean ♫♪

i just remembered why i made this blog...
~to post my greatest artwork(picture)
because i dont want to make another album in my facebook account..

but y did i made this blog different??
maybe it is because..........................................


Be 1 not 2..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home from camp


im home from a fun,enjoyable n unforgettable librarian orientation camp..
it was a tiring 4 day 3 nights, but can i say it here,
every second was worth it..
aaa,i miss the moments...

so whats new?
forgot to research green screen,haha,oh well..
some of my skills rose up TQ..
and everything can be made up into a story

im still in camping mood
tomorrows Vday a.k.a Valentine day
just finish a cover song by KG entitled Valentine
n im gonna post it on fb n youtube tomorrow morning yay..

i guess, i really miss those moments even though it was just yesterday

It me LnL
Still Living N Lovingit

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OMG.. Canon has just released the EOS 1100D along side the EOS 600D

waa...looks like i have a new target on a DSLR,
but for a long shot,im still targeting the 1D MarkIV ^_^

the canon EOS 1100D..
12MP CMOS sensor
capable of shooting 750p HD video at 30 or 25fps
its like a dream come true for a 1000D user like me :)

5 minutes with the internet and this is what i get..

Cheap but capable..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wat Th Facebuk??

aha.. "what the facebook" WTF..
my friend started saying that some days ago,now its catching.. ahah

why did i put the title as WTF?
my head much..i think this is the cause of having not enough sleep..
im gonna try sleeping now,hope i feel better when i wake up..
its 6:30 alrdy,if i wake up at 9,i can still finish my homework.

Its Me LnL
Still Living N Lovingit

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Its been a month...

its been a month since i last posted anything..
now in eager to write something...something long with no meaning what so ever..
soo,here i go..

since my last post,I've been on youtube much,watching my subscribed channel, subscribing more youtube channel.. and i been thinking and so i did.. made a bunch of cover songs and putting them on youtube ( here's my channel ~ ) not much :) its gonna be my side hobby for now...

as far as i can type/write..
i'll be going a bacis videography A.K.A vegas editing workshop soon..i havent finish the "what am i gonna teach" presentation yet, though i know what im gonna do.
Homework ain't finished yet, its not my hobby to do homework but it must be done sometime today.
Got more school work,since im the (censored) in school these days.. avent finished that yet and im thinking and im will be needing help from my comrads about this work..

sometime next week i'll be staying as school for a couple of days..hope at that time i can research my videography/editing skills and communication skills as well :)

till then..
its me LnL, still Living N Lovingit ^_^

Friday, January 7, 2011

Beat ( Staircase ) ~LnLOriginal~


Canon EOS 1000D Video Record test..

as you may know,the EOS 1000D/REBEL XS was not made to record video..
but after surfing the internet,ive found a nice software that allow me to record video in a DSLR quality using this camera.. the "EOS Camera Movie Record" give it a try..but be warned,only video n now sound because as ive said before,this camera was not made for video video meaning no sound/microphone..

Music was made by using REASON as an 'instrument' and SONAR for mixing the sounds together..
Video was also edited by me..using Sony Vegas was a bit hard to sync the video and sound without the video having sound already..but i manage to get this result

~Enjoy :)
Thanks for watching..