Sunday, February 20, 2011

Give me reason...

♪♫ give me reason,to prove me wrong,to wash this memory clean ♫♪

i just remembered why i made this blog...
~to post my greatest artwork(picture)
because i dont want to make another album in my facebook account..

but y did i made this blog different??
maybe it is because..........................................


Be 1 not 2..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home from camp


im home from a fun,enjoyable n unforgettable librarian orientation camp..
it was a tiring 4 day 3 nights, but can i say it here,
every second was worth it..
aaa,i miss the moments...

so whats new?
forgot to research green screen,haha,oh well..
some of my skills rose up TQ..
and everything can be made up into a story

im still in camping mood
tomorrows Vday a.k.a Valentine day
just finish a cover song by KG entitled Valentine
n im gonna post it on fb n youtube tomorrow morning yay..

i guess, i really miss those moments even though it was just yesterday

It me LnL
Still Living N Lovingit

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OMG.. Canon has just released the EOS 1100D along side the EOS 600D

waa...looks like i have a new target on a DSLR,
but for a long shot,im still targeting the 1D MarkIV ^_^

the canon EOS 1100D..
12MP CMOS sensor
capable of shooting 750p HD video at 30 or 25fps
its like a dream come true for a 1000D user like me :)

5 minutes with the internet and this is what i get..

Cheap but capable..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wat Th Facebuk??

aha.. "what the facebook" WTF..
my friend started saying that some days ago,now its catching.. ahah

why did i put the title as WTF?
my head much..i think this is the cause of having not enough sleep..
im gonna try sleeping now,hope i feel better when i wake up..
its 6:30 alrdy,if i wake up at 9,i can still finish my homework.

Its Me LnL
Still Living N Lovingit

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Its been a month...

its been a month since i last posted anything..
now in eager to write something...something long with no meaning what so ever..
soo,here i go..

since my last post,I've been on youtube much,watching my subscribed channel, subscribing more youtube channel.. and i been thinking and so i did.. made a bunch of cover songs and putting them on youtube ( here's my channel ~ ) not much :) its gonna be my side hobby for now...

as far as i can type/write..
i'll be going a bacis videography A.K.A vegas editing workshop soon..i havent finish the "what am i gonna teach" presentation yet, though i know what im gonna do.
Homework ain't finished yet, its not my hobby to do homework but it must be done sometime today.
Got more school work,since im the (censored) in school these days.. avent finished that yet and im thinking and im will be needing help from my comrads about this work..

sometime next week i'll be staying as school for a couple of days..hope at that time i can research my videography/editing skills and communication skills as well :)

till then..
its me LnL, still Living N Lovingit ^_^