Thursday, March 24, 2011

gud days,bad days,fun days,unforgettable days

Yesterday's yesterday was my birthday ..hehe
almost everyone i know remembered it..
maybe because of facebook..or..talking people..but hey.. i liked it..
im happy ^_^
~Im offcially 19 now..

Yesterday was a school day with no form 1,2,4 students..its was quite
good but no fun,but we were in the ICT half of the day..
that night,wow.. the opening act for sports day keningau division was WOW.. was fun3..
went to many places with many of my friends..
happy2...hehe...hoping i wont forget the moments..
i know i wont.. but still

so then.... ehem.. Pushing me awayyy... yea...
its me LnL.. ^_^

even the people who never frown will eventually break down..
gud days,bad days,fun days,unforgettable days, will hav nights n tomorrow....
another days.. GooD Night.. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

One follower make differents :)

This is what i should have putted here since ive started this blog..

Behold...Now i have a follower..i can make it happen :)
Thank You L³ for following ^_^

Once again,double today.. its LnL..Living N Lovingit


since its been sooo very long since ive last post anything..
heres a post..ahah

this is some of what ive learn for the pass few days :

~On a TiBook (or maybe any other computer) = Line-in is not a Microphone Jack
~No two person are the same..maybe some are more than 80% percent same but still, there are not the same
~You can get head ache from eating too much.. LoL
~When you feel a "De Ja Vu" ....emm,havent figured this out yet
~There are signs of The End Of Days.. but,im still holding on to my prophecy
~Time Travel have something (everything) to do with Einstein's Theory of Relativity
~"If its heavy,its good/expensive"...WRONG, not all things are like that..
~Its so hard to stop.. now i dont know why i wrote this
~I've lost my powers...hoping they would come back when im 19. :)

Lastly.. more post coming soon..

Its me..LnL.. Living N Lovingit ^^

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It arrive..

yay :)

my TiBook n E70 Body+BoX :)

happy2..but i miss someone.. huhu..
its exam week,but im not in any exam mood..
no mood to study as they say..hehe..

oh well..

thats all for today :)
Its me LnL wit my TiBook ^^

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is not the End..This in not the Beginning..
Waiting for the end to come...wishing i had strength to stand...................

Listening to that song reminds me of 2010..
Haunted House, Last day of school, Bintang Sementa..
The day after....owh the memories.. ^_^

Its MARCH..Hapy March~ing month.. haha
"Waiting for the end"
im waiting for something..
as of now, im waiting for 2 items..hehe
waiting for the exams to start n end..
waiting for the school break (1 week) yea but noo..
waiting for THAT DAY... which i dont really know 5W1H..
waiting for when i turn 19.. haha ..almost


Its good to wait for something (as they say)
because you have something to look forward to each and every day till that moment comes...
"This is not what i had planned,its out of my control"
as the lyric goes.. thats how i like it,because an unplanned event have a certain kick to it :)

ill be waiting as im living n loving it :)
Its Me LnL...