Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is not the End..This in not the Beginning..
Waiting for the end to come...wishing i had strength to stand...................

Listening to that song reminds me of 2010..
Haunted House, Last day of school, Bintang Sementa..
The day after....owh the memories.. ^_^

Its MARCH..Hapy March~ing month.. haha
"Waiting for the end"
im waiting for something..
as of now, im waiting for 2 items..hehe
waiting for the exams to start n end..
waiting for the school break (1 week) yea but noo..
waiting for THAT DAY... which i dont really know 5W1H..
waiting for when i turn 19.. haha ..almost


Its good to wait for something (as they say)
because you have something to look forward to each and every day till that moment comes...
"This is not what i had planned,its out of my control"
as the lyric goes.. thats how i like it,because an unplanned event have a certain kick to it :)

ill be waiting as im living n loving it :)
Its Me LnL...

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