Friday, March 18, 2011


since its been sooo very long since ive last post anything..
heres a post..ahah

this is some of what ive learn for the pass few days :

~On a TiBook (or maybe any other computer) = Line-in is not a Microphone Jack
~No two person are the same..maybe some are more than 80% percent same but still, there are not the same
~You can get head ache from eating too much.. LoL
~When you feel a "De Ja Vu" ....emm,havent figured this out yet
~There are signs of The End Of Days.. but,im still holding on to my prophecy
~Time Travel have something (everything) to do with Einstein's Theory of Relativity
~"If its heavy,its good/expensive"...WRONG, not all things are like that..
~Its so hard to stop.. now i dont know why i wrote this
~I've lost my powers...hoping they would come back when im 19. :)

Lastly.. more post coming soon..

Its me..LnL.. Living N Lovingit ^^

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