Sunday, February 6, 2011

Its been a month...

its been a month since i last posted anything..
now in eager to write something...something long with no meaning what so ever..
soo,here i go..

since my last post,I've been on youtube much,watching my subscribed channel, subscribing more youtube channel.. and i been thinking and so i did.. made a bunch of cover songs and putting them on youtube ( here's my channel ~ ) not much :) its gonna be my side hobby for now...

as far as i can type/write..
i'll be going a bacis videography A.K.A vegas editing workshop soon..i havent finish the "what am i gonna teach" presentation yet, though i know what im gonna do.
Homework ain't finished yet, its not my hobby to do homework but it must be done sometime today.
Got more school work,since im the (censored) in school these days.. avent finished that yet and im thinking and im will be needing help from my comrads about this work..

sometime next week i'll be staying as school for a couple of days..hope at that time i can research my videography/editing skills and communication skills as well :)

till then..
its me LnL, still Living N Lovingit ^_^

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