Friday, January 7, 2011

Beat ( Staircase ) ~LnLOriginal~


Canon EOS 1000D Video Record test..

as you may know,the EOS 1000D/REBEL XS was not made to record video..
but after surfing the internet,ive found a nice software that allow me to record video in a DSLR quality using this camera.. the "EOS Camera Movie Record" give it a try..but be warned,only video n now sound because as ive said before,this camera was not made for video video meaning no sound/microphone..

Music was made by using REASON as an 'instrument' and SONAR for mixing the sounds together..
Video was also edited by me..using Sony Vegas was a bit hard to sync the video and sound without the video having sound already..but i manage to get this result

~Enjoy :)
Thanks for watching..

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