Monday, May 16, 2011

Another month, another post.. ^_^ May

May come and go...

My interest

Its been a month since ive last posted here, was going to the last few weeks but...
blogger been unavailable every time ive tried ..LoL

~~My life... been UP been DOWN,been all around..never thought i tried something thet i never thought i tried before.. haha...So yea, life's been OK lately,busy but A OKaY.. (busy wit my hobbies and interest hehe ) if i take a look at my calendar in my mind now..Woah, no free time..always here and there,luckily im good at finding time for everyone i know one at a time ..hee :)

~~D hobbies... as of current hobbies are ..sitting in front of my Computer(s) ~I <3 my computer ~ , Taking pictures :) , Making music.. oh yea.. with these three combined.. take a look at my youtube channel ( )
moving on.. ive almost reach a new level of music recording and mixing.. it is all because of my new small mixer (XENYX502) TQ my bros for helping me get this mixer ^_^ . .
having said that, the pictures ive took lately was..not that good anymore,seems im losing my touch,any how im gonna regain it confident ..yea

~~Interest.. learning new things,really, i like it..especially if i can manipulate it.. ahha
see here,tomorrow im gonna learn how to play the me self new strings already :)
meeting new people.. ive met new people since ive last posted here.. glad to meet them all .. more to write..
heres some picture of the days im not blogging to look at..

L&L ~ Lionel & Larry ..1 fine day in Chem Lab

Our Team, Jrosyel,Lary n Lion_L ..1 fine day in Chem Lab

near out class.. far but still near. :)

My minecraft server

Im gonna miss my friends.. just the thought of it makes me sad..

Im still me.. LivingNLoving it.. oh yeah.. out

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