Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Throwback 2016 Story Day 2

Hello me myself and I…hmm..late post,internet prob but heres yesterday’s Day 2…let me tell you a story about how, when, where and… lets start..

lion_the_l Hello from below.. High up from above
#dji #sunsuron

This here is a picture of me taking a drone selfie…or maybe too high to call it a selfie but.. there I was,so how did I get my drone.. my DJI Phantom 3 lets recall back.. back to April of 2016..25 april to be exact,that Monday night.. lets just say, magicaly ada 3 panda bagi sa a big amount of ka-ching …fuhh..can you imagine having about..maybe like 28 plus 2 more zeros.. well ill tell you, I woke up the next morning not knowing what to do with it..seriusly…. hahah…

                Jadi sa sampai opis la kn.. ada c Dred sna.. crita2 psl smlm, trus dia blng.. Dji la trus.. then I search Dji Phantom 2 or 3 or Osmo (but Osmo belum kluar lagi bh msa tu)..yesterday morning I already have Phantom 3 on my mind..all day all night long.. so I decided, went to shashinki online and ordered... it was a tough choice, susa bah mo pilih tu brng mahal bagitu…bukan sanang2 urg beli drng blng..tba2 pla sa mo order sna snam, tggl takan place order lagi… and so I did..klu tda cmna sa dapat tuuna gambar di atas kan..hahahha.. so there I was placing the order..waaahhh, ko bilang… here was what the actual reciept wrote

1 x DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter (Red) with 2.7K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal (DJI-P3S-27K-RED) = RM2,279.00

To think I was gonna pay that much.. hey.. I did actually, I paid it in full… then c Dred msuk tgu sa bru paid.. dia menanya “jdi apa la ko beli” sa bilang “tingu ja dtg la” (bagagar2 lg sb postime on9 shopping bagitu basar pnya harga)..ahhaha.. hours later he said “vision plus x bgus pla cmera dia tu, belain cmera sma drone” so I replied “jdi knapa ko pkir sa x ambil..bingung dia “aikk, ko ambil Phantom 3 ka?” I just smiled n laugh..hehehe..

lion_the_l 8th sunrise of may..
Feat akinabalu
#dji #phantom #gunungkinabalu#penampang

Pics from my first drone candid Run that I didn’t registered so I flew… so continue.. it was a long wait, after it says the package has been that was a looong week, every hour I checked the postlaju tracking.. day by day passed.. I waited for the poslaju bus to come and give me my item.. my drone.. but it was not that day… until finally on 28 April 2016 it arrived.. nahhh,tu patang baru la.. geng2 sa obertime smua semata2 mo tingu…ahahhahaha.. c Dred c Rvg, captain Jeman pn sna... after much installtion and update.. I flew my phantom 3@lioncopter at 5:31PM on the 28th of April 2016 .. ninna bukti

12 second video 2.7k quality ..hohohoh… and the first pic..

Terbaik kann… hahahah…

                So we already recall how I got _lioncopter_ and when to the exact minute... now lets see where it has been for the past 8 months I’ve been with it.. hmmm…for me to post all the videos and pictures this blog post wont fit… so ill only name the place…
_lioncopter_ flight log…
  • Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang
  • Kg. Sunsuron
  • Pekan Tambunan
  • SMK Tambunan
  • Penampang (Komplex to ITCC)
  • Tg Lipat Likas
  • Bukit Lugas
  • Nulu Tinorindak Kundasang
  • Bukit Kolindasan
  • Bukit Trig Apin2
  • Bukit Bongol Kota Belud
  • Muzium Sabah

Just to name a few la..where my drone goes, I go.. where i hiked I bring my drone..but slalunya bukan sa yang angkat.. barat baitu mo 2 kg kli..fuhhh…

                Jadi mungkin baca smua ini sa ingat.. btul ka sa sdh naik smua tu bukit..sma apa sa buat pg sna tu tampat2.. let that be another post for another day… till then.. Throwback 2016 post day 2.. ends..

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