Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Throwback 2016 Story Day 3

                Hello from the other side..Day 3…so today..ermm..tonight im back at KK (Bukit Padang actually,n kmrin mlm lagi tp malass btl tu tgn mo psng laptop kmrin mlm.. hahahaha) here where I stay fo the past 2 years lebih2 suda la knun.. speaking…writing..ahaha of Bukit Padang, theres this picture of me

lion_the_l 3rd time at the top.. thank you for forcing me up 😅..
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Not so early this year.. blng date dia 04 July 2016.. from my insta it says mcm diatas.. so it was my 3rd time up to the top.. lets recall back..this year ive been up that hill many times, banding sma thn lalu sama yg 1st sa mula keja d bukit padang.. thn ni paling bnyk trun naik atas sebab2 tertentu..ahhah..

                I remember one time when my heel was still aching (it was a cause of overweight,then I felt the bones on my heel poking out from the inside).. at that time when I step on a screw or even a thick wire, the pain was..wuuu.. gila sadap d kaki… so then I went to see a doctor and he refered me to a phisiotherapist..luckly I worked at a hospital, and my friend is a phisiotheprapist – Mr Fisio Leo A+ 😅 😅 -- ok continue hahaha… so then I went to see Mr Fisio and he fixed my heel on the spot that evening.. I felt ok after that, so i ask him if in my condition I can still hike up Bukit Padang that evening.. he said “buli bahh, bagus lg tu kasi exercise” not only he gave an OK but also joined me that evening hike up Bukit Padang with c Anty Rowinda…

                On to the hike.. we, 3 of us went up Bukit Padang via the Orange trail, or was it the Pink... ahh now I remember.. it was the Blue Trail, the most toughest one.. I was a looonggg up and down way up the hill, at that time my heel was ok already but I was still recovering from a cold (selesma, dulu2 time x rajin exercise capat butul kana selsema..) so you could imagine going up with little breath.. well I can imagine,because im talking about mysely to myself..ahahhaah..nice one… ok… Finally we reach half way (as I like to call it) only one more steep hill to reach the most top.. I was out of breath, really tired, I said go on.. go on.. ill find my way down on my on… but nooo,they wont let me stop.. I drank a can of 100plus and water, after taking pic of the view from where I was standing.. fuhhh, lawa sunset sna oo

Minutes after, I was recharged and motivated to go to the top.. and so we hiked.. it was only a little more to reach to the top really, but pretty steep..

                We reach the top of Bukit Padang ( well maybe its not really named Bukit Padang.. some call it Bukit Taman Tun Fuad..but lets just call it Bukit Padang for now) the sun is setting, we took a lot of pictures, hopefuly I did too, I don’t remember..hehe… at the top I was so happy, reaching there via the Blue longggg trail was an ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCK to me.. but after that I said I never want to go up that trail ever again.. as far as I can remember this year, that was the only time we took the blue trail up.. the other time was going down the blue trail... And so we hiked down via another trail which I don’t know the color but most people used that trail to go down, even the bikers…
                I remember it now, and I will in the future.. this is not the first time I hiked up Bukit Padang, not the first time I hiked up a hill either.. ive done so last year 2015 up the challenging Bukit Perahu..that was really challenging for me, other than our mamut trip..but that’s was last year 2015.. This is not the highest ive hiked this year..hehehe..thats story is for another day… its just that I think, if I remember correctly, this(the story ive told just now) was the start of my hiking activity throughout 2016…

                Lots of things ive done this 2016.. the year is ending and a new year comes.. today is 14 December already, 11 days till christmas.. till I type again.. end of throwback story 2016 Day 3

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