Monday, December 12, 2016

My Throwback 2016 Story Day 1

                Hello one another.. here I am for the first time in years,im gonna start.. This will me my date, I pick 12.12 just so that I could remember to do like this again the years after.. what is this you may ask, well I may ask myself since im aiming only me to read this to myself in the future..hehe.. This is a note,a reminder, of the things I have been through this whole year 2016 ( this year ).. and may I ask myself why is this in english..maka bukan sa pndai cakap english pun klu fast2fast (face to face) hahah… well its just because english is universal n sa kasi campur2 juga ni supaya sa yg di future sanang mo baca..diabilang… so lets start Lionel.. here we go..
                 I am Lionel J Vitus, as off now (12.12.2016) im 171cm and 112kg.. I choose this picture to remind myself where I started..
                From my instagram post, image dated 24-04-2016 Autism Awareness Fun Run 2016, held at my working place Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang, this is my first ‘Run” where I really just walked finished with my sister..hahah.. it was 7km, 7 tiring bapaluh abis basah baju fuhh KM walk.. I remember that day.. and the day before..because… I didn’t slept that time XD.. because mungkin sebab.. hari 6 tu kn sa di OV bah, buat teori music teminum kupi O banyak2..~oooo cut here, ada something happen cni..biarla ko sendiri ingat…sambungg~ trus mlm tu sa singgah HMBP test sound sekitar jam9 pastu jam12 lapar2 pg mamak kna bagi roti susu kuah kari…wuu.. kuah kari bahh..ahahha.. ok then moving on..
                And so I woke up at 5, feels like I didn’t slept at that time already many runners were at the starting line, flag off was at 7 though.. so I went to find myself some breakfast at SHELL, mcm buns sma milo ja sa makan..i waited for my bro n sis to reach my quartes before going to the starting line and start to..well..”run” as they say…
                So with a wristband and blue shirt we ran…hmm..walked.. 7km limpas kotes,khidmat,roundabout 2 smpai kim tek chong..ko bilang punya jauh tu, kana lagi sa yg gumuk2 bgitu x prnah2 exercise trus lari@jalan 7km… but me and my sis steady sja betukar2 towel sb sa bapaluh basah baju sdh..ahahhaha…but then last2 abis juga.. and I got my first ever Running Medal..wahhh.. I still remember the tiredness, I remember I slept at 4 maybe then waking up at 9pm hungry.. then my legs and feet start to hurt..
                This…here…I quote from my Insta post at that time
lion_the_lFinishhh... 1st 7k run@walk
Autism awareness run 2016
#run #funrun #W9 #autismawareness#hmbp
who would have thought after that run... came another.. and another… and more… but ill save that for another post… For now, this is my story for today.. today is 12 december 2016.. I hope I can continue posting my throwback story… mcm siuk pla nama bgitu drpd “a reminder, of the things I have been through this whole year 2016 ( this year )” bilang .. let it be my throwback 2016 story day 1..
lion_the_lThrowback 1st run with my sis..
Run la sgt
#walk #autismawareness

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